Friday, 14 September 2012

Muslims!! Really??

The facts behind the story of the offensive Muhammad movie keep coming out. And so does the violent violent attacks that continues as these lines are written. 

I do not doubt at all the existence of the movie or the intention behind it. I had been on the internet since morning and following all the tweets and Facebook updates. In my utmost anger and frustration, I strongly protest this and any such object that disrespect Islam or any other religion because that is what I've been taught as a Muslim. To respect my religion and others as well!

The matter however is of the way in which we protest. The attack on the US embassy in Libya, the further protests in other Muslim countries only have one thing in common: Violence, destruction, reaction! The mere act that identifies our weaknesses showing that we can be toys in any hand. What burning KFC that belongs to a fellow Muslim brother will do any harm to America? Think again!!

I fail to understand. May be because of our weak Iman and lack of education, we Muslims are the easiest to target. Anyone from anywhere can come and ignite us and our emotions in the name of Prophet, Islam, Mosque, Beard, Burqa just anything. Instead of burning our own properties, might as well first strengthen our belief and understanding of Islam. Protesting peacefully is our right....It is our weakness that makes us so defensive and lack of Iman that ignites us so easily. Top it up with lack of education and political benefits and Voila: The perfect recipe for destructive demonstrations by Muslims. Oh the Islamists, the radicals, the fundamentalists, the terrorists. We get these labels out of our own acts. If only we could focus more on being a Muslim first in our own self, just with the basics: offer prayers 5 times a day, offer Zakat, Fast, respect others and then set out to the outside. But the dilemma remains: we have a habit of trying to change the outside world first-that too by force. My beloved Prophet Muhammad did not win hearts of thousands by force. History is a witness. How then in his name can I forcefully make my point clear to the world with violence and destruction?? Change always start from within.

Think and reflect!!

But if you pardon and exonerate and forgive, Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
(Qur'an, 64: 14)

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